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Welcome to Gift of Gab Kids; a constructive and entertaining approach to instill in kids the skills, courage and confidence to be strong public speakers. We target younger children aiming to stop the public speaking fear before it starts. Our program is an excellent companion helping kids grow a foundation of essential “people skills.” 

Public speaking is more than talking in front of an audience; it’s a life skill that will stay with your children through adulthood. It is arguably one of the most important skills a child can learn early on; it improves their self-confidence and teaches them coping mechanisms for overcoming anxiety.

Our guide educates children how to relax their mind, improve their speaking skills and enhance communication in a positive manner, especially because we live in a non-verbal world.


We suggest you engage with your child/student to get the most out it. Help your child with the activities. Take it slow. Read everything aloud and have fun!


Most of all, enjoy this experience. Our program is your chance to be the teacher; consider it sacred time teaching skills your children/students will have forever. 

Snippets from Gift of gab kids

After taking a fun, insightful, educational journey introducing your child to the gift of gab,
apply to join our future Jr. Reporters Program.
This puts your child's newfound skills to good use, as we train, prepare, arrange, and document a series of real interviews with esteemed professionals.

I appreciate you exploring this exciting venture with your child/student, and hope you enjoy embracing this essential life skill!


Nadine Bubeck

Founder + Creator, Gift of Gab Kids

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