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Jr. Reporter Program

Upon successfully completing the Gift of Gab Kids, your child can apply to join our Jr. Reporter Program. This 3 or 6 month commitment gives kids a custom, individualized experience to put their skills into action, morphing into real-life reporters. Accepting applications in fall 2023!

  • Who can apply
    All graduates of Gift of Gab Kids can apply with parental permission. Not everyone is selected.
  • How to apply
    We will begin accepting applications in fall 2023. More details to come!
  • What does the program entail?
    More details coming soon, but in short, your kids will have the real-life opportunity to interview celebs, athletes and influential professionals based on their individual interests. We walk them through the entire interview process of becoming a Jr. Reporter!
  • How much does each program cost?
    We will be offering 3-month and 6-month programs will announce our prices in fall 2023.
  • Why do this?
    Pairing your child with professionals puts their public speaking skills into action. They will be connected to interview opportunities that can otherwise seem unattainable. They'll get one-on-one direction from our Gift of Gab Kids experts acting as a liaison and consultant every step of the way. This is an excellent character-building avenue for children who have a sincere interest in public speaking, reporting, getting in front of the camera, and interacting with esteemed professionals. Think about it... if your child's into soccer, you put them on a soccer team. They practice and get better. Public speaking is a life skill that if not exercised, will diminish. Our program introduces children to stopping the fear before it starts, but the skill must be maintained to progress. Our Jr. Reporter Program takes time and commitment, but the outcome will give your children an experience that will enhance their minds, lives and future.

Gift of Gab Kids Jr. Reporter Program

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