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Meet our Gift of Gab Kids founder/author + illustrator and stay tuned for exciting press, news and announcements!

Nadine Bubeck is the founder/author of Gift of Gab Kids. She's a former TV News Anchor turned all things mama. 


The blessed boy mom X3 is a lifestyle/travel/parenting TV contributor and writes for a number of magazines and digital publications.


Nadine values instilling in her kids essential life skills and even helped her oldest launch a business when he was 6-years-old... Why? So he could learn the value of entrepreneurship and overcome potential fears of public speaking, as nothing is more powerful than your voice.

Follow Nadine's family adventures @mamaandherboys. She is also available for speaking engagements, media inquiries, private consults, education trainings and more:

Good Day Sac- Gift of Gab Kids
Gift of Gab Kids on PIX11 NYC
Gift of Gab Kids on WTVM-TV

Gracie Louise is the Gift of Gab Kids illustrator, a graphic designer and custom illustrator with roots in Colorado. She comes from a long line of creative women, with her daughter, Ruby, being her biggest inspiration. 

She is available for all your creative needs @oldbirddesigngang.

In fact, when Nadine was seeking an illustrator, she reached out to Gracie over Instagram, captivated by her talent and creative designs.  


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