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We love when teachers implement our program in the classroom!


This is the complete 100+ page Gift of Gab Kids Student Program via digital download. 


  • Student introduction
  • Complete student-catered Lessons One-Six
  • Associated activities per lesson
  • Partnered activities for students/classmates
  • Graduation certificate
  • Inside the Zip file, you'll get 10 downloads. This includes the welcome letter, introduction, welcome/intro combined, all 6 lessons (individually), and the full program in its entirety.


Dear Teachers,


We're thrilled you want to introduce your students to the art of public speaking!


We made our student version super simple; all you have to do is walk your students through the program. It's suggested you focus on one lesson per day (or per week) and repeat partnered activities to maintain skills. Each lesson should take 45 minutes to complete, excluding Lesson 6 (where you'll be recording student public speaking presentations)- kindly gift them more time.


Students need a pen and colored pencils.


Please contact us for your FREE teacher consultation before getting started (a 20 minute Zoom with the founder/author of Gift of Gab Kids). When you contact us, please put "Teacher Consultation" in the subject line for a prompt reply!


Once you download a single version, our copyright allows  teachers to make 30 photocopies to accomodate your class size. It's suggested you print/photocopy in color to get the full experience. You can also lead the program via smartboard.

Gift of Gab Kids- Student Program (Digital Download)

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